Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nixin's past three months of Birthday, Hiking, Halloween and being the princess

 Here she is in all her hiking glory at Telegraph Pass, South Mountain. When we took the kids on this hike it was still pretty warm outside and they did amazingly well considering the heat and near shortage of water.
 She loves to be in my bed!
 Nixin was able to participate in Vanessa's Cheer clinic at Higley High School again this year and looked about as cute as ever! She is becoming quite the dancer and performer and having her cousin there with her helped out alot too!

 Her Preschool had their annual field trip to Schnep Farms ( I cannot spell that!) G Momma was able to come along with us, it has become a tradition every year and is a lot of fun! this is the last year we had an excuse with one of the kids to go, but I am sure we will continue to go!
 She got to pick a pumpkin, she wanted one that was tiny and cute
 Happy 4th Birthday to this little Doll! Chris and I ( mostly Chris) worked really hard putting this Doll Mansion together for her and she loved it!

 Brinton and I did a joint birthday party for her at Girly Girls boutique and spa. She had five of her little friends come and it turned out so cute! They got to choose a hair style, have make up out on, nails painted. Then it was off to the tea party room for bear stuffing, hers was named snow white which us adults laughed because it sounded like Spider Bite and she was not having that! I had my friend April make hello kitty cupcakes as well. The girls loved it!!

 her great grandparents Ina and George gave her this cute zoo outfit! Ina has been volunteering at the Phoenix zoo for over 20 years now. The kids are so lucky to get a zoo membership every year from them!
 We had pumpkin carving and Chili a few days before Halloween. Lyndee (Chris' Sister) and her boys came over. Always a great time!
And here is little red riding hood in all her beautiful glory! Brinton's girlfriend Allison is so sweet and let her borrow her old costume. Nixin wore this costume all week long!

Brexton had a Birthday!! some hiking and Halloween

 Brexton was quite the trooper as we hiked Telegraph Pass that day with the kiddos!
 He is such a great big brother to Nixin( sometimes he gets annoyed but who doesn't with younger siblings)
 This right here describes all of my children, especially the Troll!
 This lucky boy got a trip to Lego Land on his birthday with Dad and Gmamma!
 I had cupcakes and balloons ready when he got home and we all sang to him even though he was totally worn out lol!
 For his Birthday I took him to lunch the next school day and let him pick anywhere: he wanted to go to Filibertos... like father like son! We had a nice time chatting and went and bought his halloween costume before taking treats back to his class. Brexton is a very smart boy and loves to read. I have mentioned this before I am sure but, he was my best baby!!! so relaxed and could sleep absolutely anywhere. I love this boy so much!

 He had two halloween costumes, because at school you cannot wear a mask. He wanted to be Danny Zuco from Greese. It turned out really cute, we had a sticker made for his leather jacket that said T Birds and Brinton's Girlfriend styled his hair perfect!
 Here he is as Fade on Halloween!
 Brexton loves his Papa!!!

Scouts, HIking, Football and a 5k with Mom for Cote

 Cote is now in the 11 year old Scouts and has his Scout Patch and Tan shirt instead of blue. Here is a little picture of his first Scout awards ceremony. He seems to really enjoy scouts and as a mother I really appreciate all that the scouting program has to offer! I know I am not very good at keeping up on his scouting requirements at home but everyone has new years resolutions right!

 A little hike at telegraph pass, South Mountain!

 Cote started playing tackle football this year again and is on the Bull Dogs. They are a great team so he has had a lot of fun playing on offense and being a center.
 One thing these kids have is "great" grandparents!! Papa went to Donuts with Dad with the boys since B was out of town

Cote wore his football uniform for halloween and scored a lot of candy!
 Cote ran his first 5k for Gilbert Days November 16th. This is a race that I use to run with my dad when I was younger. He did a great job and even asked to do another one. I was so proud of him for how well he did, love that boy!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Oregon Trip With Mom

 Thursday August 16th my Mom and I flew to Oregon to visit my Grandma Guptill. First I have to say that I am grateful for Brinton, his Family and His Girlfriend for helping with the kids while I was gone for a week. We have busy kids so it was no easy task! This was the longest Chris and I have been away from each other while we have been dating but we made it ha! He held down the fort and did some repairs around the house while I was gone because he is the best!
 this is Roakes a small infamous hot dog stand that my family and I always visit when we go to Oregon. It has coney island hot dogs, burgers and fries. It was yummy!

 My cousin Serena Funk came over to hike with me!! This was Multnomah Falls and was beautiful!. The hike up to the top of the falls over looked the Columbia River Gorge.

 This was a small pool at the top of the falls
 Ecka Pada kundiasana 1. Because its my fave!

 My Aunt Paula came up from Washington on Monday night to say hello. We had fun chatting and catching up. We went and saw the new Borne Movie (which was super intense and great) and then we went and hiked Cascade Crater the next day. The hike was suppose to be 1.8miles long but some how we got off the trail and hiked over 5! hahaha it was good company so I didn't mind at all.
 A slug!!

 My Aunt Paula, Grandma Valdine, and Momma
 oh and me too!
 This picture is hilarious and I made them take it!!! Darlene always goofin around and being the life of the party!
 I had a great time! I read three books: Reviving Ophelia (thanks Max), Opening Chakras (thanks Jennifer) and Hunger Games book 2 (thanks kids). I also went running on hilly roads and found a gym to do some work outs that where out of my norm to switch things up. Oh what's that, yes I found a lululemon of course! I love that place it is ridiculous and sooo cute!!! It was a great week, I missed my kids and my love sooo bad by the end but it was nice to have some time to myself! My Grandma was an amazing host as well!!!